For Ms. Hische

Daily Icon is a project by Manuja Waldia. A custom illustrated icon or illustration in the style of icons will be posted daily (read weekdays) for your enjoyment and use. These icons are open for use by anybody. The idea is to explore pictograms for unusual subjects. The ones on this blog are fancified and decorated versions of their much simpler glyph font counterparts. The project will end after 365 posts.

Daily Icon by Manuja Waldia is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 International License. Review license before using. When reusing the icons (only for non commercial purposes), the credit line should read "Daily Icon by Manuja Waldia".

The feature icons posted here are a little too stylized just for display purposes. These are meant to have fewer details when smaller. Would update the much simpler icon fonts after every 30 posts in a dropbox public folder.